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    PDB 101m-1aeb
    PDB 1aed-1awd
    PDB 1awp-1beq
    PDB 1bes-1c53
    PDB 1c6o-1ci6
    PDB 1cie-1cry
    PDB 1csu-1dfx
    PDB 1dgb-1dry
    PDB 1ds1-1e08
    PDB 1e0z-1ehj
    PDB 1ehk-1f5o
    PDB 1f5p-1fnp
    PDB 1fnq-1fzi
    PDB 1g08-1gnl
    PDB 1gnt-1h43
    PDB 1h44-1hdb
    PDB 1hds-1i5u
    PDB 1i6d-1iwh
    PDB 1iwi-1jgx
    PDB 1jgy-1k2o
    PDB 1k2r-1kw6
    PDB 1kw8-1lj0
    PDB 1lj1-1m2m
    PDB 1m34-1mko
    PDB 1mkq-1mun
    PDB 1muy-1n9x
    PDB 1naz-1nx4
    PDB 1nx7-1ofe
    PDB 1off-1p3t
    PDB 1p3u-1pmb
    PDB 1po3-1qmq
    PDB 1qn0-1ra0
    PDB 1ra5-1rxg
    PDB 1ry5-1smi
    PDB 1smj-1t71
    PDB 1t85-1u8v
    PDB 1u9m-1uyu
    PDB 1uzr-1vxf
    PDB 1vxg-1wri
    PDB 1wtf-1xlq
    PDB 1xm8-1y4r
    PDB 1y4t-1ygd
    PDB 1yge-1z01
    PDB 1z02-2a9e
    PDB 2aa1-2azq
    PDB 2b0z-2boz
    PDB 2bpb-2ca3
    PDB 2ca4-2cz7
    PDB 2czs-2dyr
    PDB 2dys-2ewk
    PDB 2ewu-2fwl
    PDB 2fwt-2gl3
    PDB 2gln-2hhb
    PDB 2hhd-2ibn
    PDB 2ibz-2jb8
    PDB 2jbl-2mgh
    PDB 2mgi-2o01
    PDB 2o08-2ozy
    PDB 2p0b-2q0i
    PDB 2q0j-2r1h
    PDB 2r1k-2spm
    PDB 2spn-2vbd
    PDB 2vbp-2vzb
    PDB 2vzm-2wiv
    PDB 2wiy-2xj5
    PDB 2xj6-2ylj
    PDB 2yrs-2zon
    PDB 2zoo-3a17
    PDB 3a18-3aes
    PDB 3aet-3bnd
    PDB 3bne-3cir
    PDB 3ciu-3dax
    PDB 3dbg-3e1p
    PDB 3e1q-3eh4
    PDB 3eh5-3fll
    PDB 3fm1-3gas
    PDB 3gb4-3h57
    PDB 3h58-3hrw
    PDB 3hsn-3ir6
    PDB 3ir7-3k9y
    PDB 3k9z-3l4p
    PDB 3l61-3lxi
    PDB 3lyq-3mm8
    PDB 3mm9-3n62
    PDB 3n63-3nlo
    PDB 3nlp-3o0f
    PDB 3o0r-3p6o
    PDB 3p6p-3prq
    PDB 3prr-3sel
    PDB 3sik-3una
    PDB 3unc-4blc
    PDB 4cat-4erg
    PDB 4erm-4nse
    PDB 4pah-8cat
    PDB 8cpp-9nse

Iron in PDB, part 48 (2351-2400), PDB files 2ca4 - 2cz7

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Iron (Fe) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Iron atoms.
PDB files 2351-2400 (2ca4 - 2cz7):
  1. 2ca4 - Sulfite Dehydrogenase From Starkeya Novella Mutant
  2. 2cag - Catalase Compound II
  3. 2cah - Structure of Proteus Mirabilis Pr Catalase For the Native Form (E- Fe(III)) Complexed With Nadph
  4. 2cb2 - Sulfur Oxygenase Reductase From Acidianus Ambivalens
  5. 2cca - Crystal Structure of the Catalase-Peroxidase (Katg) and S315T Mutant From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  6. 2ccd - Crystal Structure of the Catalase-Peroxidase (Katg) and S315T Mutant From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  7. 2ccp - X-Ray Structures of Recombinant Yeast Cytochrome C Peroxidase and Three Heme-Cleft Mutants Prepared By Site-Directed Mutagenesis
  8. 2ccy - Structure of Ferricytochrome C(Prime) From Rhodospirillum Molischianum At 1.67 Angstroms Resolution
  9. 2cd8 - Crystal Structure of Yc-17-Bound Cytochrome P450 Pikc (CYP107L1)
  10. 2cdv - Refined Structure of Cytochrome C3 At 1.8 Angstroms Resolution
  11. 2ce0 - Structure of Oxidized Arabidopsis Thaliana Cytochrome 6A
  12. 2ce1 - Structure of Reduced Arabidopsis Thaliana Cytochrome 6A
  13. 2cep - Role of Met-230 In Intramolecular Electron Transfer Between the Oxyferryl Heme and Trp 191 in Cytochrome C Peroxidase Compound II
  14. 2cgn - Factor Inhibiting Hif-1 Alpha With Succinate
  15. 2cgo - Factor Inhibiting Hif-1 Alpha With Fumarate
  16. 2chu - Ceue in Complex With Mecam
  17. 2ci0 - High Throughput Screening and X-Ray Crystallography Assisted Evaluation of Small Molecule Scaffolds For CYP51 Inhibitors
  18. 2cib - High Throughput Screening and X-Ray Crystallography Assisted Evaluation of Small Molecule Scaffolds For CYP51 Inhibitors
  19. 2civ - Chloroperoxidase Bromide Complex
  20. 2ciw - Chloroperoxidase Iodide Complex
  21. 2cix - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Cyclopentanedione
  22. 2ciy - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Cyanide and Dmso
  23. 2ciz - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Acetate
  24. 2cj0 - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Nitrate
  25. 2cj1 - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Formate (Ethylene Glycol Cryoprotectant)
  26. 2cj2 - Chloroperoxidase Complexed With Formate (Sugar Cryoprotectant)
  27. 2ckf - Crystal Structure Of The Terminal Component of the Pah- Hydroxylating Dioxygenase From Sphingomonas Sp Chy-1
  28. 2ckj - Human Milk Xanthine Oxidoreductase
  29. 2cl4 - Ascorbate Peroxidase R172A Mutant
  30. 2clb - The Structure of the Dps-Like Protein From Sulfolobus Solfataricus Reveals A Bacterioferritin-Like Di-Metal Binding Site Within A Dps-Like Dodecameric Assembly
  31. 2cmm - Structural Analysis of the Myoglobin Reconstituted With Iron Porphine
  32. 2cmn - A Proximal Arginine Residue in The Switching Mechanism of the Fixl Oxygen Sensor
  33. 2cn4 - The Crystal Structure Of The Secreted Dimeric Form of the Hemophore Hasa Reveals A Domain Swapping With An Exchanged Heme Ligand
  34. 2cp4 - Crystal Structure of the Cytochrome P450-Cam Active Site Mutant THR252ALA
  35. 2cpo - Chloroperoxidase
  36. 2cpp - High-Resolution Crystal Structure of Cytochrome P450-Cam
  37. 2csg - Crystal Structure of the Putative Oxidoreductase From Salmonella Typhimurium LT2
  38. 2cth - Cytochrome C3 From Desulfovibrio Vulgaris Hildenborough
  39. 2cvc - Crystal Structure of High-Molecular Weight Cytochrome C From Desulfovibrio Vulgaris (Hildenborough)
  40. 2cw2 - Crystal Structure of Superoxide Dismutase From P. Marinus
  41. 2cw3 - X-Ray Structure of PMSOD2, Superoxide Dismutase From Perkinsus Marinus
  42. 2cxb - Crystallization and X-Ray Structure Determination of Cytochrome C2 From Rhodobacter Sphaeroides in Three Crystal Forms
  43. 2cy3 - Crystal Structure of Cytochrome C3 From Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans Norway At 1.7 Angstroms Resolution
  44. 2cym - Effects Of Amino Acid Substitution on Three-Dimensional Structure: An X-Ray Analysis of Cytochrome C3 From Desulfovibrio Vulgaris Hildenborough At 2 Angstroms Resolution
  45. 2cyp - Crystal Structure of Yeast Cytochrome C Peroxidase Refined At 1.7-Angstroms Resolution
  46. 2cyz - Photo-Activation State of Fe-Type Nhase in Anaerobic Condition
  47. 2cz0 - Photo-Activation State of Fe-Type Nhase in Aerobic Condition
  48. 2cz1 - Photo-Activation State of Fe-Type Nhase With N-Ba in Anaerobic Condition
  49. 2cz6 - Complex of Inactive Fe-Type Nhase With Cyclohexyl Isocyanide
  50. 2cz7 - Fe-Type Nhase Photo-Activated For 75MIN At 105K


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