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Calcium ferrite, Ca(FeO2)2

Calcium ferrite, Ca(FeO2)2, is formed as deep red or nearly black crystals by heating together ferric oxide and calcium oxide.

It also results on adding limewater to a neutral solution of ferric chloride and igniting the resulting brown precipitate. It appears to dissociate at its melting-point. A basic ferrite, Ca(FeO2)2.CaO, is produced as black crystals on heating finely powdered ferric oxide and calcium carbonate at temperatures considerably below 1385° C. Three other basic ferrites have been described, namely Ca(FeO2)2.2CaO, 2Ca(FeO2)2.CaO, and 3Ca(FeO2)2.2CaO, but the existence of these has been disputed.

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