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Ferric iodide, FeI3

Ferric iodide, FeI3, has not as yet been prepared, but the possibility of its existence is perhaps indicated by the fact that hydrated ferric oxide dissolves in hydriodic acid, yielding a brown solution.

Two ferrous per-iodates are described by Kimmins, namely Fe5(IO6)2 and FeH3(IO6). The former is a brick-red crystalline salt produced on adding ferrous sulphate to a solution of K4I2O9.FeH3(IO6) results as a light brown powder on adding a solution of Na2H3IO6 to ferrous sulphate.

Two ferric per-iodates have been prepared, namely FeHI2O9 and Fe(IO4)3. The former is obtained by drying at 100° C. the light brown precipitate resulting from the interaction of solutions of ferric chloride and Na2H3IO6. It is also formed when K4I2O9 is used instead of the sodium salt. It is a reddish-brown powder, stable towards boiling dilute nitric acid. With concentrated nitric acid, however, Fe(IO4)3 is formed as a bright yellow powder.

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