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Ferrous hydrogen orthophosphate, FeHPO4

Ferrous hydrogen orthophosphate, FeHPO4.H2O, has been obtained by dissolving iron in boiling phosphoric acid solution. The salt crystallises out in colourless needles which become bluish in air; it is insoluble in water, but readily dissolves in dilute acids and in ammonia. When heated with water to 250° C., it is converted into vivianite.

On adding ammonium phosphate solution to ferrous chloride in alcohol saturated with nitric oxide at 0° C., a viscid oily liquid is precipitated, which crystallises when placed in a freezing mixture. Upon careful purification at low temperatures, brown flaky crystals are obtained, which melt at 16° C., and have the composition represented by the formula FeHPO4.NO. Upon exposure to air it oxidises slowly, yielding white ferric phosphate.

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