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Ferrous met-arsenite, Fe(AsO2)2

Ferrous met-arsenite, FeO.As2O3 or Fe(AsO2)2 has been obtained by the action of potassium hydrogen arsenite, K2O.As2O3.H2O, upon a dilute solution of ferrous sulphate. It is greenish in colour, becoming brown upon exposure to air. When a hot, saturated solution of arsenious acid containing ferrous iodide is allowed to cool, crystals of the compound FeI2.4As2O3.12H2O are obtained, which slowly oxidise in air, and in vacuo over concentrated sulphuric yield up all their combined water. The iodide character of the salt is suppressed, from which it may be inferred that the iodine has combined with the arsenious oxide to yield a complex negative radicle.

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