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Pentachlorferrates, M2FeCl5

Ammonium pentachlorferrate, (NH4)2FeCl5

Ammonium pentachlorferrate, (NH4)2FeCl5.H2O, associated with varying quantities of ammonium chloride, is known popularly as ammonio-chloride of iron. It is used medicinally, and is obtained as garnet cubes by crystallising from a solution of the mixed chlorides.

Caesium pentachlorferrate, Cs2FeCl5

Caesium pentachlorferrate, Cs2FeCl5.H2O, has been obtained as a red salt.

Potassium pentachlorferrate, K2FeCl5

Potassium pentachlorferrate, K2FeCl5.H2O, is obtained by dissolving ferric chloride in concentrated hydrochloric acid, adding potassium chloride, and allowing to crystallise. It is a red, deliquescent salt, decomposed by water.

Apparently no double salts with sodium exist, at any rate between 0° and 60° C.

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