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Tetrachlorferrates, MFeCl4

Ammonium tetrachlorferrate, NH4FeCl4

Ammonium tetrachlorferrate, NH4FeCl4, or FeCl3.NH4Cl, obtained by heating the two substances together, is interesting as possessing a definite boiling-point, namely 386° C. A salt of similar empirical composition has been obtained by crystallisation from mixed solutions of ferric chloride and ammonium chloride in the form of olive-brown needles, which, however, are unstable.

Caesium tetrachlorferrate, 2CsFeCl4

Caesium tetrachlorferrate, 2CsFeCl4.H2O, or possibly anhydrous, is extremely hygroscopic.

Cuprous tetrachlorferrate, CuFeCl4

Cuprous tetrachlorferrate, CuFeCl4, melts at 320° C. If crystallised from an aqueous solution, the tetrahydrate, CuFeCl4.4H2O, is obtained.

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